"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."


April RRS Therapies is a Private Home-based Practice in which April provides exquisite individualized care. Currently booking about 6-10 weeks in advance depending on the day and time of day - so please plan ahead. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays and every other Friday. Closed for ALL HOLIDAYS.


April believes in maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as much as possible and is here to offer in office care, as well as self-care ideas & information for @ home. She has well over 20,000 hours of Therapeutic Massage experience as of 2019, is a certified IIN Health Coach, Kripalu 200-hr Yoga Instructor, Heartstone Trained Herbalist and more. 


If you are searching for sexual massage and bodywork DO NOT CONTACT THIS BUSINESS!



A 200-hour Kripalu trained and certified Yoga Instructor, I like to reintroduce you to your body. We are so much more than just physical, and I believe yoga is a great way to learn more about the mind body soul connection... I enjoy taking it slowly, methodically, and intentionally rather than racing through poses (although there is a time and place for that too).


With Private sessions, each class is created for you & your needs -with as little at 20 min or as long as 90min. Just getting started, not comfortable on the floor, worried about your capability from weight, age, injury, surgery, etc. -No Problem! I offer Individualized Private Yoga because I believe yoga can & should be accessible to all. We all have different bodies & needs, and I like to help each person feel comfortable & confident.


My passion is working with beginners and helping them be safe as well as feel capable and proud of what they are able to do - we all start somewhere. I enjoy working with people to become less stressed and who are striving to make positive changes. I am here for you and I love being your cheerleader!



As an Integrative Health Coach from IIN, I am here to help you through challenges in your life from dietary changes, to life struggles, relationships, work, emotional struggles and more. Troubles in various aspects of our lives have a diverse range of effects and I am here to help support and guide you through your journey with compassion and non-judgement.


Taking time to evaluate our lives and what we want/need as well as what it takes to get there can be daunting. I am here to offer support, guidance, tips and information in order to best serve and help you through the process as positively, healthily, happily and safely as possible.


It's vital to take the time to take care of yourself, and that is possible because of taking personal responsibility for your health, life, well-being/wellness, happiness, etc..



My work is typically more of what I consider to be of Therapeutic or Rehabilitative nature focused on functional movement and relieving pain or limitation if possible.


I mostly work in modalities that are more detailed, individualized, and can be intense such as but not limited to: Sports, Medical, Trigger Point, Connective Tissue & Myofascial, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral, KAM (Kinesthetic Awareness through Movement), Reiki/Energetic, aspects of Shiatsu & Maya Abdominal, ART, Thai Yoga Massage (for the table), and more.


As of 2020, I have well over 20,000 hours of experience with a wide range of diversified clients, activity levels, experience, and their individualized needs ranging from  prevention, pre & post surgery, work/lifestyle/sports injuries & alignments, pre and post sporting events (even at the finish line in the stretch tents), etc.


I tend to have a different approach that is often slow and controlled, working with the rhythm, architecture, structure, function, and engineering of the body -finding the 'stress' or 'weak' points in conjunction with the push/pull angle and pressure applied in order to facilitate a release. It can be intense work that is productive rather than pain or deep for the sake of pain or deep. I am passionate about my work and will continue to learn and grow not only as an LMT, but also as a well rounded and diversified  Health & Wellness Practitioner.

***By appointment only. Currently booking 6-8 weeks in advance depending on day/time & length of session***

Pec Major

 “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Benjamin Franklin 



I find most people want to know more, so here is a bit more about me, my style of work, and experience in the field. Originally from upstate NY, I do miss the snow but not so much the cold and am loving all this sunshine! Happily married with fur babies. I enjoy being active, outside, cooking, writing, traveling, eating, and learning nearly anything & everything I can.


As an individual who is intrigued by life itself and compelled to learn as much as possible in this lifetime, I am always a work in progress, and I believe many of us are. With that said, I hope to help you along your wellness path & journey through life with the many tools (trainings, certifications, experience, education, research, etc.) I have, or lead you to someone else who can.

I love a challenge and helping people feel, move, and live better! I tend to provide self-care tools and information for home and life. With an extensive interest list, and an expertise as a multi-faceted wellness professional, I employ many aspects of those in an effort to assist people with achieving individualized wellness goals and rehabilitation.

That experience comes from a wide variety of clients. Many different ages and conditions. I continued to expand my understanding and knowledge as a holistic wellness professional, and I am proud of the business I built in Corning, NY called Trinity Therapeutics Wellness -that I loved with all my heart. I am proud of the relationships & opportunities I had because of it, what I learned and experienced, the impact it had not only in clients lives and the community, as well as my own.

As I continue to learn and grow in the field of health & wellness and the vastness of both eastern & western medicine, I realize how much more I want to know and understand. My goal is to help individuals have a better understanding of their bodies, better communication with their bodies, better overall health & wellness, improved quality of life & range of motion (hopefully exuding less pain), more joy energy & peace, and so much more!

I strive to help people learn the importance of health & wellness, and I do believe it is a mindset and lifestyle that is a conscious choice. Sometimes many of us need that voice of inspiration and/or guidance, and I love being people’s cheerleader while also offering up any ideas, information, compassion, encouragement, etc. to help people along their individualized journey. We all have things that are inside & outside of our control -there is a lot we can choose. How we live our lives and interact with others has a major impact not only on ourselves, but also the world surrounding us. I want to help facilitate Compassionate, Powerful, Positive Impactful, & Lasting Change that will create a ripple effect to inspire the world to take better care of not only ourselves, but also one another.