• April R Roush-Stanley

A Credit to my Past

Trinity Therapeutics Wellness, Inc. (TTW)

TTW was Established as a Sole-Proprietorship in March 2013 by April R Roush-Stanley in upstate Corning, NY. It was expanded in 2016 and became an S-Corp in January 2018. Aspiring towards a dream to add a group of inspiring, passionate, skilled, life-changing, like-minded individuals striving together with the common goal of creating a business that was more like a 'wellness family' that would serve, educate, and improve the local community by helping them feel, understand, & move better in their bodies for longer, and working together to improve each client's overall quality of life, as well as to teach each person self-care practices for home that would help increase their overall health & well-being.

The reason I am writing this as my first blog, as April RRS Therapies, is because it is important to me that whoever comes across this understands the depths of my love for the work I provide and the appreciation I feel for being trusted by so many individuals who have helped change and impact my life just as much, if not even more than I did theirs! I established Trinity Therapeutics in March of 2013 in upstate Corning, NY. When deciding upon whether or not to open my own practice or work in a spa or another massage practice, I thought about what I wanted to offer as a therapist and potentially as a business. It occurred to me that if I wanted to have the ability to truly specialize and also offer exquisite care where clients where so much more than just a number or a dollar sign, I would have to separate myself from ‘the rest.’ I wanted to best serve my clients through educating them about their bodies, self-care, well-being and more. I endeavored to establish meaningful relationships, change the impression of massage as a luxury into that of health/rehabilitation/wellness/preventive/etc. and learn & grow with them. I wanted to 'be the change [I] saw in the world, and I wanted to change the image of massage and how truly important it is as not only a wellness practice, but also and more importantly, as a medicinal therapeutic rehabilitative alternative therapy that is holistic, often preventive, and powerful and life-changing -all of which I feel I was able to accomplish in the 6 years I worked in Corning, NY. As of September 2019, I will be relocating to San Tan Valley, Arizona where I fully intend to start over and spread my passion further! I officially started massaging in March of 2013 inside a chiropractic office; however, due to circumstances of the situation I celebrate what I consider my ‘real’ opening date as October 2013 when I separated from that office and created my own space. Within that first month, and without even trying, my business more than quadrupled and I truly believe that was because of the feel & energy I had left behind, along with having the capability to truly offer who I was with authenticity and truly joyful passion (a labour of love through and through). In less than 6 months I grew a clientele that had me working more than 40 massage hours per week and booking a couple weeks in advance -that has only increased and now I am working towards work/life balance.

I am blessed beyond measure and could neither be happier nor more grateful for the opportunities, the clients, the community, the experiences, the love & support and so much more! It is now January 2020 and I have well over 15,000 hours of hands on (pun intended) experience with a multitude of clients, ages, injuries, sports, illness, surgeries, preventive care, events, offices, etc.

The Goal of TTW was to bring on board like-minded individuals and create a wellness family to help clients (the community) feel better in their body for longer, to improve someone’s overall quality of life, and teach each person self-care practices for home that would help improve their overall health and well-being. Therapists who, like me, enjoyed getting to the root of a client's problem if and whenever possible in order to help him/her overcome anything that has or might come his/her way. I originally said, ‘Where the Healing is You,’ because ultimately, your health is in your hands and when you trust me as your therapist, you place your health into my hands too and I treat that as a gift...

Additionally, For anyone interested or curious, I chose my business name (and logo) with great care, meaning, and intention -just like I did this time. The name I chose is Three fold -making it even more awesome!

1. Because I believe in the power of threes and notice how frequently things in life are in threes (Yoga, Body Mind Spirit, Everyone always says 'things happens in threes,' etc).

2. I wanted what I believed to be a Strong and Powerful name that was both Professional, meant a lot to me, and could not be misinterpreted or twisted inappropriately or sexually (another 3).

3. Most Importantly, because I am a Christian and although I have no intention of forcing my beliefs on anyone else, God will always be the Center of my Life and my being which brings to point of the Holy Trinity…

Farewell my Beloved Trinity Therapeutics Wellness Inc.: Where the Healing is You! It truly broke my heart letting you go...

With Love & Light & Blessings to all my past, present, and future clients,

April R Roush-Stanley

TTW Founder & CEO


Reiki Master

200Hr Certified Yoga Instructor

Rock Tape Certified Professional

IIN Health Coach

Touch For Health Parctitioner

*Certified Aromatherapist in training*


*Moving Day: August 27, 2019*


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