• April R Roush-Stanley

A Year of Gluten Free Baking

Intro: My reason for doing this in part is to gain knowledge and confidence with GF baking, as well as to create a commitment to myself, and anyone following, for 1 new recipe a week creating a total of 52 recipes for the year!

My name is April and although I have been mostly GF for since about mid 2011, I have not tested the waters too much with baking and always just trusted the bakeries to do that for me, or live without because I was so busy with my small business, working 80-100hours a week, that I didn’t have or make the time. My husband and I tried to be health conscious and that felt like enough for two very busy people. Fast forward to now December 2020 -yes, the year of COVID19, and we moved across the country from Upstate NY to Arizona where I haven’t been able to really establish a business and am not sure I still want to. Now back in school and seeing a few clients’ a week while also looking for work, I realize I need something to focus on, and so this project begins!

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking and so now it is time to get back into the game and learn how to do this GF baking thing and if possible maybe even Vegan from time to time (although, I admit dairy is so much harder for me to give up than gluten). After watching Julie & Julia, I thought about creating my own blog -albeit, not as crazy committed as she was with a new recipe a day, I am thinking one a week -the weekends (and if time and excitement allow, maybe more). I am not sure if anyone will follow but truly it is something for myself, and if anyone happens to find something awesome while I do it, then great!

As stated previously, I am new to this GF baking and so I will be using recipes I find online, in various books I have, and perhaps from other (more known and successful) bloggers out there. I have no formal training in the culinary or baking arts; although, maybe someday :) and so this is for me to learn and grow and share as well as a way for me to stay committed to my project at hand -I am already nervous this isn’t a good idea, but here it goes!

Luckily one of my friends owned a bakery back in Corning and she recommended a book to get me started and I have a few myself -time to read and find a first choice, after all, the New Year isn’t far away!

Thanks for reading, wish me luck, and Blessings to you,

April RRS

***Update: this challenge didn't happen partially because I couldn't figure out how to fix my blog, and in part b/c life is crazy and sometimes other things are more immediately important; however, I do still fully plan to try to learn GF Baking, challenge myself, and still blog about it -hopefully it is of interest to you all :) ~ June 2021***

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