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Chemistry & Happiness -Current Topic & Chemistry

Chemistry (APU Discussion Post) Week 14: Current Topic

Chemistry & Happiness

Ted Talk “The Chemistry of Happiness” with Dr Dale Anderson

I chose this topic because I feel that it is important to know how to create our own happiness, and to understand how Chemistry works in our bodies and brains, can help us to make positive changes for the betterment of ourselves and the world we live in. I believe it to be of the utmost importance, because happiness, or lack thereof, changes people and their lives and their actions and interactions with themselves and others, etc. and the world is greatly affected by this.

In this Ted Talk, Dr Dale Anderson expresses his passion for changing lives through Happiness and how the act of being happy changes our brain chemistry and creates more happiness -it is cyclical, like most things. I thoroughly enjoyed his energy and excitement in telling his story, speaking to his audience, and demonstrating how a simple fake laugh can actually boost your mood and change your chemistry instantaneously! Watch it to the end and laugh along with him to feel the full benefit of what he is teaching. He touches in on how changing our Chemistry and becoming Happy has the Incredibly Amazing Power to Change our Health - Happy people = Healthier people… and think about it, does it makes sense? Do ‘happy hormones (chemistry)’ have a different affect than ‘unhappy or stress hormones (chemical)’ on our bodies?

Along with Dr Dale’s video, I read a few related articles that I posted below and explain more of the science happening in our brains -the actually chemistry of happy emotions, brilliantly provided by High Schooler (at the time) Molly Buchanan: Serotonin- C10H12N2O, Dopamine- C6H3(OH)2-CH2-CH2-NH2, Norepinephrine- C8H11NO3. Also, the Endocannabinoids (“The Bliss Molecules”) that our bodies can create from within, along with Oxytocin, Dopamine, GABA (from my last current topic), Endorphins, Serotoninin, and Adrenaline -all listed by Christopher Bergland in Psychology Today “The Neurochemistry of Happiness: Seven Brain Molecules that Make you Feel Great.” Lastly, The Daily Brunch:Conversations that inspire gave great examples on how one could encourage these Chemistry molecules to be produced: acts, of kindness, Gratitude, Laughter, Music, etc.

Something I have often said is, if I can make one person smile/laugh today, I know I have made a difference. I have always believed in the power of positivity, of love, of joy and laughter, and in being kind. I believe in the Power of Chemistry and Happiness and Changing Lives. I hope you enjoyed this Forum post and wish you all the Joy and Happiness this world has to offer! Just remember, that everything you need is within you all the time <3

“Is the Chemistry you’re playing with right now, is it real? We took you from one chemistry to another chemistry just with that simple little trick, and it’s real. Is it catching?…”

Dr Dale Anderson ( Happy-Demic


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