• April R Roush-Stanley

GF Vegan Potato Leek Broccoli ‘Cheddar’ Soup

First make about 64 ounces of vegetable broth -I use a variety of herbs and veggies including but not limited to: What might be on the verge of going 'bad' in my fridge or counter and then almost always...Onions (yellow and/or red), carrot, celery, turmeric and ginger root, basil, parsley, sage, thyme, rosemary, etc. Play with it and see what works well for you. It is nice to use what might otherwise go bad and then freeze it so you always have some ready to go when you want it -and you can always add more veggies and herbs to it again after it is thawed -have fun!

*Organic and/or local as much as possible ;D *

In large soup pot sauté:

  1. Diced 1 large Onion (Yellow), 2-4 dice Green Onions (save Chive parts for later), and 1 extra large Leek (or 2 medium) with oil or butter of choice (I used small amount of grape seed oil)

  2. add in tablespoon(fish) of Italian seasoning (I used Simply Organic)

  3. Once onions are golden and leak dices are soft, add in vegetable broth, peeled diced potatoes (4-5 medium, I used russet), about one head of ‘adult broccoli, and about 1/2 head of baby broccoli and stalks (and extra baby broccoli stalks but leave other 1/2 head of the tops out)

  4. Once potatoes are soft, separate potatoes, leaks, onions, and broccoli with some broth to be blended until smooth *be sure to have another bowl of just extra potatoes to add back in after blended smooth :D)

  5. add into blender:

  6. spices: Turmeric, Onion powder, garlic (powdered and raw), Poultry seasoning (from Sprouts: sage, thyme, onion, black pepper, marjoram, celery seed, cayenne), and chive tops -about 1/2 - 1 teaspoon each and add more to taste

  7. Brewers yeast about 1 cup (more or less to taste -start with less and can add more) *Brewers yeast it highly nutritive while also being buttery flavorful; however, it should be noted that it is heat sensitive, so try to minimize cooking time for as long as possible. Could also add raw to top of served bowl along with parsley or whatever your choice...)*

  8. milk of choice (I love Oatly Whole milk) and maybe some ‘butter’ -I used Myoko’s although I also love Milkadamia too

  9. once smoothly blended add back in the potatoes and add in the remaining baby broccoli tops.

  10. Let simmer until done and add in extra spices as desired.

*Note, the Garlic Bread is not Vegan -it does have egg white in it and altough I have made delicious GF bread from scratch, I did buy this particular one shown from a local bakery*

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