• April R Roush-Stanley

That's just Nuts!

My husband, Robert, and I do our best to live a healthy lifestyle, and a book we often refer back to is How Not To Die by Dr. Micheal Greger. If you prefer audio, Dr. Greger reads it himself and does a nice job in my opinion. Regardless of Visual or Audio, it truly is a great resource and is loaded with an incredible amount of information and research. For instance, he explains that Brazil nuts just might Save Your Life! Just 4 Brazil Nuts a month can help lower your Cholesterol!

Back in Upstate New York I had many Amish clients who came for massage and also appreciated my Holistic approach and Nutritional Interests (as did the rest of my clients), and there was one Amish gentleman in particular who asked if I knew anything that might help his Cholesterol levels. Of course, I reminded him (as I do all my clients) that I am not a Medical Doctor, before mentioning Brazil nuts. I also referred him to Dr Greger's research and his book: How Not to Die. This client decided to try this and was so happy about his results, not only did he lower his Cholesterol, he is no longer taking medication!!!

Nuts & seeds are an important nutrient rich food group that are typically affordable and easy for most people in the United States to add in year round. Brazil nuts in particular are high in Selenium which is an important trace mineral (proven by Dr. Joel Wallach -founder of Youngevity) and has many health benefits; however, it is important to be careful how much Selenium you consume as well.

As a Wellness Professional and an Advocate for Healthy Lifestyle through Eastern and Western Medicines, I kindly suggest that you not be afraid to ask questions and/or advocate for yourself while seeking Medical Advice from your Health Care & Wellness Professional(s).

Originally Written, and published, in Skyline Ranch II Newsletter.

***Always be sure to consult your Primary Health Care Provider (A Licensed Medical Doctor, NP, PA, etc.) before trying anything new or making changes to diet, lifestyle, exercise, etc..***

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