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Why Blog

My name is April R Roush-Stanley and I have wanted to create a blog and/or youtube channel for my first business, Trinity Therapeutics: Where the Healing is You (which later changed to Trinity Therapeutics Wellness, Inc.) to help inform clients of self-care methods, yoga, massage, holistic health practices, nutrition, herbs, etc through written word and videos; however, working typically 100 hours a week (about 60-80 hours just in massage appointments) I never could find, or make, the time.

Why tell you all this, well some people might feel more comfortable with the content knowing my personal & professional experience -create some credibility, and also, because my interests are so vast that the topics might seem unrelated even though I think everything is related… I love to write and would love to someday be published buuuuuut time will tell, for now, I shall blog.

My entire life I have been a curious and passionate person, and ever since starting massage school (FLSM, Finger Lakes School of Massage -A Journey Worth Taking), if not even slightly beforehand because of a company called Youngevity created by Dr. Joel Wallack, I started reading, researching, and following various Doctors and experts in health and wellness. THe more I learned the more I found out how much more there was to learn. Listening to podcasts like Dr. Axe, reading Jordan Rubin, Dr. Joel Furhman, Dr. Micheal Greger, etc.

I was having all kinds of skin issues, horrible headaches all day everyday of my life since I was a small child, stomach cramping, painful periods, and so many other things. My husband mentioned Gluten, so I decided to read Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter and decided to try going GF -it took a long time to figure ‘everything’ out, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made -and there have been quite a few decisions I know have made that created huge positive impacts in my life, another one was Massage School and the best one is my husband, Robert Andrew Stanley, (second only to my relationship with my Heavenly Father).


I tell you all this to hopefully connect with you, encourage you that you can make positive lasting change and changes in your life. I am telling you this as a Holistic Practitioner and a regular human being -I am not telling you what to do, but offering information that perhaps you haven’t come across and I hope it helps.


I am a NYS and now AZ licensed Massage Therapist, an herbalist (trained with Heartstone’s -Tammi and Kris), rock tape certified, 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher, IIN Health Coach, Touch For Health Trained/Certified with John Perestam & Roze Kitner at The Body Lab, along with therapeutic massage experience of various conditions countless hours and clients, as well as many additional Continuing Education including currently unfinished Certified Aromatherapist from Aromahead Institute and Yoga Therapy from Breathing Deeply. I have many ambitions and have only begun my lifelong journey and I hope to help bring inspiration, joy, and awareness to yours if you choose.

Thank you, Blessings, and Be Well,

April RRS

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