Private Yoga


Private Sessions: $1/min 

20min - 90min Sessions

Currently accepting Beginners who are perhaps discouraged with group classes, uncomfortable with the speed or level of group classes, or just need/want the extra detail and individualized attention.


I am here to help you become comfortable with yoga and you body -it should be something you enjoy and your body thanks you for! I look forward to working with you and making this an enjoyable and productive experience.


We can simply start with breathing or warm-ups and cool downs. The great thing is it is all about you!

*Bring your own yoga mat, or use one of mine. We can even start with Chair yoga!*

Therapeutic Massage


Includes Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral, KAM, Deep & Connective Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy

Offering 30min - 90min Sessions

*Pregnancy Available Also*

Thorough & Detailed Intake, Session, & Outtake often with Self-care tips for at home use as well as increased and prolonged benefits ~ Quality Service from Start to Finish.


I am currently using what is called a sliding scale, and based on what people can afford to pay they pick the amount within that range.

Currently accepting New Clients.

Available Monday - Friday by appointment only

As early as 8:45am and as late as 4:30pm depending on the day. Please email for more details.

*If you are a New Client a CC is required to schedule/book an appointment*


My  previous experience focused primarily in rehabilitative and functional movement -my goal is to improve Range of Motion/Performance/Quality of Movement etc., and Reduce Pain. My work is typically more what I consider to be of a Therapeutic nature and I mostly work in modalities that are more detailed, individualized, and can be intense (Sports, Medical, Trigger Point, Myofascial, etc.); however, I am happy to adjust and always individualize each session. 

Please be sure to drink a lot of water both before and after your session as it will help your body respond well both during and after your session.


Furthermore, additional time is allotted for intake and outtake of every appointment to best ensure that the client receives the Best Individualized Service Possible -meaning client receives Full length of session paid, so long as client arrives before start time to allow for a concisely detailed intake/outtake.